Top 5 Online Dress Shops in The UK

The United Kingdom has a long standing tradition of sophistication, class, and style, especially when it comes to clothing. There are five up and coming UK shops which prove that just because something is cutting edge, it doesn’t mean that your wallet has to be emptied. The shops below offer a wide range of styles for women, and men, that are practical, affordable, and sure to turn heads no matter where they are worn.
These sites are all offering great holiday deals, but even off season, their prices (many of which offer free shipping) are affordable to even the tightest of budgets.


Like the name says, this site has the very best of everything. Children’s clothes, furniture, footwear, athletic apparel, electronics, make up, skin care, and so very much more. This site is comparable to another large online retailer, but geared toward the trendiest of items instead of harboring ever product known to man. This site features its products by category, search bar and the “just in.” section.



For a site that deals primarily in clothing, there is no shortage of variety. Whole clothing collections, such as the Kardashian Collection, DKNY, and Vesper are organized by label. Or, if it is so preferred, a search can be done by event type. They invest a lot of time in their page, the graphics welcome you into the page before shopping has even begun.



Misguided is not your mama’s clothing line. The clothes are edgy, sexy, and powerful. The site is divided up by country, so you can take a look and see what is hot all across the globe. One of the greatest features of this site is the plus size line. Not only does it have a well stocked plus size section, but the clothes are beautiful, not the frumpy plus size lines seen on some pages. This sites encourages women of every shape and size to see themselves as beautiful, and there is nothing misguided about that.

Bamboo Clothing


Know better by some as simply BAM, Bamboo Clothing’s website offers a comprehensive gift guide. Instead of it being listed by how you know the person, mom, grandpa, sister, etc… It delves into what that person likes to do. The clothes on their site aren’t designed for shock value, there is genuine comfort behind these designs and a sexy simplicity. There are many great style for men, women and kids.



Shopping for a bridal gown, bridesmaid dress, or that perfect number for a formal affair has never been more fun. The dresses on this site are incredibly beautiful and intricate. The site is updated with projected fashions for the upcoming year, so it is easy to get ahead of the trends. The colors are vibrant and fresh and the site creators have covered a plethora of occasions, including graduation, prom, sweet 16, quinceanera, and weddings. You can even do a search by dress lengths. Even if you aren’t actively shopping for one of these events, the beautiful gowns are sure to fill your mind with images of what is yet to come.

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The Christmas Sale is Now On OKdress!

When you need the perfect dress for special holiday festivities but have no time left to travel from store to store, your solution is OKdress! You’ll be a vision of Christmas loveliness in one of our many specially selected holiday gowns.

dress 1
Left | Right | Shoes | Clutch | Ring

Our sale features the traditional holiday hues of red, green yellow and white. Our dresses are so beautiful you’ll never be able to choose just one—so why not pick up two or three, to be set for every party and event this year?

There’s the office party, and your family party, and maybe the party at your special man’s office and the one for his family! After that you might still need a lovely dress for the special holiday church service, one for the evening performance of The Nutcracker, and one for New Year’s Eve party your friends are having.

dress 2
dress1 | dress2 | dress3 | dress4

You want to turn every head and wow the crowd at every event you attend. So show off your shape in a strapless, backless, or one-shoulder dress. Or try a sparkling, shimmering, bright red or green gown embellished with rhinestones or a long train. Wouldn’t a white dress be lovely and unexpected in winter? Try one with a shiny gold bodice to make an impression they’ll never forget.

dress 3
A | B | C | D | E

Want to show your originality by wearing something a little different? Stand out from the crowd in a dress with an asymmetrical (high-low) hemline, or a high-neck sheath to cover you up in one area while see-through panels give a tantalizing peek of another, or choose a glamorous vintage style with a spray of flowers at your neck. If you spot a STYLE you like, make sure to click on the photo to see the full range of colors available!

dress 4
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Necklace | Shoes

And don’t forget: once you place an order at, you’ll receive a £5 coupon you can use for any product on the website. Use coupon code SALE5 into the Discount Codes field before you check out to save £5 off our already low prices. Enjoy your gorgeous dresses from OKdress, and visit us again for prom and wedding season!

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The Best Ways To Reuse Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses, the last few years, have been a revelation for many brides and bridesmaids. The oversized, frilly dresses of years gone by are certainly not in style. With that, there are certainly a lot more chic dresses in the bridesmaid dress market. Chiffon style maxi dresses and dainty, just below-the-knee affairs are now all the rage. This is great news for brides and bridesmaids who don’t want to stuff their gorgeous dresses into the attic, never to be used again.

dress 1
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Now, bridesmaid dresses can be used for a whole host of different events. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on a dress that is only going to be worn once.

dress 2
left | middle | right

The various styles of bridesmaid dresses are chic and stylish enough to be worn to a wide range of different formal events. Lace, tea dresses and strapless gowns are all dominating the bridesmaid dress scene. There is a multitude of ways that you can reuse your gorgeous bridal attire again and again.

Reusing Your Old Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to using your bridesmaid dresses again, there are some events that you can use them. Work Christmas parties tend to be formal affairs. Now is a great time to dig out your gorgeous bridesmaid dress and re-wear them again. With the festive season nearly upon it’s, the perfect time to start adding these pieces to your party wear.

A | B

You can even reuse them for other people’s upcoming weddings. As long as they aren’t too similar to the bridal parties theme, they can look effortlessly elegant and stylish. Do make sure that you are not clashing with the upcoming bride in terms of colour and style. If you are not a bridesmaid, you don’t want to be confused for one of the happy couple’s immediate bridal party.

Of course, christenings are time where everyone wants to dress up and look smart. Bridesmaid dresses, depending on their style, can look formal yet pretty when celebrating the birth of a new baby. With longer style dresses, these can look overly formal. So, if your bridesmaid dresses are of a tea dress style, these can look lovely at a christening.

Amazing Ways That You Can Treat Your Bridesmaid Dresses

You can treat your bridesmaid dresses in a number of different ways. If you have a dress that is a lighter hue, you can dye the dress to suit your personal style. You can even add diamantes and accessories to the dress to add your own funky touch to the dress.

this dress

A-line dresses and knee-length affairs are probably the most versatile style of bridesmaid dress. This makes them easy to wear again and again. Simply don some fabulous accessories and a cute clutch bag, and you are ready to go. You don’t have to worry about looking too formal once you add your accessories and bags to the mix. A simple blazer, a skinny belt and some pretty sandals can make the dress look more casual for everyday wear. After all, if the dress is stunning and simple in its design, you don’t want to relegate it to the back of your closet.

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Glitter Party Make Up

Few things will bring out a woman’s glow like the words “glitter,” “makeup,” and “party” being used in the same sentence. Just thinking about it makes me feel all glittery inside. Just because there is one universal theme though, it does not mean that you have to go looking like everybody else. Here are some ways you can out dazzle everyone else at the party.
The first step is to take care of the eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so shouldn’t you say just how amazing and creative you are?

1.Eye Shadow Stickers

– One of the most creative eye ideas since the invention of mascara is the use of eye shadow stickers. These come in a variety of colors, they are available almost every wear, and once applied they are sure to awe all those who see them.


2.Rainbow Shadow

– Anyone can apply one color, and some who do pull it off spectacularly. Eye Shadow stickers look great amongst the backdrop of a complimentary color (and you thought high school art class was just busy work). Even on its own, applying a rainbow of glittery colors is sure to be the pot of gold at any party.


3.Big Glitter

– Right now all the contact wearers are rubbing their eyes just thinking about all that glitter. Fear not! You can still enjoy the party and look great without the fear of that glitter falling between your lens and eye. For this, large rhinestone type glitter can be applied. It still looks phenomenal and you can go a little or a lot depending on your boldness and style.

3-1 3

4.The Eyebrows

– The fun does not have to be limited to the lashes and lids. It seems that our poor eyebrows never get the love and attention they deserve. Well this is the perfect opportunity to get them some attention. Big glitter, little glitter, and even sparkling eye shadow are just some of the ways to make them stand out.


Now that the eyes are pampered and exquisite, it’s time to do something about those pouty lips. A theme so amazing can be created that you’ll think about doing your makeup like this everyday.

1.Rainbow Lips

– So sexy and shimmery. They look great in one color or multiple colors. And since thousands of colors exist, they can be made to match any outfit or décor.



– They make it a little difficult to eat, but look so sensational… it’s worth it. Have some fun with it, everyone has pink lips so go blue, silver, or even black to kick it up a notch.


While you are creating the perfect look, don’t forget the finishing touches, mainly the face. It can be a simple accent or a full out glam fest. These looks are so amazing, you may have a hard time settling on just one.

1.Full Face

– You can literally be covered in glitter. How amazing is that!? Whether you decide to keep it simple and cover your whole face in one color or if you choose to mix this look with other styles, no one will out shimmer you.



– If out and out is not your thing, you can still look amazing with just a touch of glitter. A little bronzer and some strategic shimmer and you can look amazing while staying in your comfort zone. This method enhances your natural glow.


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How to Become Prom Queen

Prom night is considered to be the most special and unforgettable night in almost every teen’s life to celebrate days in schools. And becoming a prom queen at that special night is something you are proud of; the proud moment of accomplishment that you would always remember throughout your lifetime. Becoming a prom queen is every girl’s dream, but the fact is not all dreams turn reality when they wake up. Though it is always good to dream, but you had better backed all the dreams up with real life efforts and implementation.

dress 1
1 | 2 | 3

Know that you do not just become a prom queen over the night with little effort. No lazy way to this. There is always a behind-the-scene hard work with persistence to being prom queen. Below are the qualities to possess or develop to become the deserving prom queen. These intrinsic and extrinsic good qualities will make you a truly deserving Prom Queen.

1. EXTROVERTED NATURE: extroverted nature is a behind-the-scene quality. Not being quiet, often gives a higher chance to be crowned the queen of prom. Don’t hesitate to make new friends and meeting new people every day. Move from crowd to crowd and learn to understand them. Do not ignore people.

dress 2
dress | bag | shoes | necklace

2. OUTGOING PERSONALITY: you need to have an outgoing personality. Spend lots of time with your friends and try finding solutions to problems together. This develops your leadership skills by becoming a team builder and efficient task manager within school, to the extent of even becoming a prom night committee or the student council.

3. BE FRIENDLY AND AVOID TROUBLE: getting yourself into trouble is absolutely the last you would want to get involved in before prom. A friendly person would not get embroiled into some unnecessary fight at school, rather intervene and work towards harmonizing the unfriendly situation.

dress 3
BUY this dress

4. BE BEAUTIFUL AND INTELLIGENT: be beautifully attractive, actually, and take keen interest in studies and always perform well in your exams and be great to your teachers.

5. GREAT DRESS SENSE: acquire a very attractive dress sense. Be open to the latest styles and dressing up in the town. The kind of cloth you wear and the way you wear them, ideally it fits into your shape along with the perfect color, are important part of your personality and reflects your class and taste.

6. PARTICIPATE IN DIFFERENT EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: involve in different school activities. Exhibit how talented you are and become friends easily with people with same thing in common. Not a bad idea if you are an artist and as well in a school club like “environmental”.

dress 4
left dress | right dress

As earlier stated, emerging as a prom queen is every girl’s dream in school. But the fact still remain, real effort and excellent personality development make you the deserving prom queen in your school.

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Bridal Make-up — Three Approaches

If there is one day of your life that you want your make-up to look absolutely perfect, it’s your wedding day. However, it can be hard to decide exactly what look to go for! In this article, we run through three bridal make-up looks and let you know how to achieve it.

Make-up look one: The classic bridal look


This is a classic, fresh-faced bridal look that is neutral enough to work with any wedding dress and wedding theme. The focus here is on the eyes, with a dramatic eyeliner, long lashes, and a smokey eye with a bright highlight on the eyelid.

The key things to this bridal look:

• Great eyebrows. Get yours plucked or threaded a couple of days before the big day.
• Fantastic skin. Stay hydrated, and maintain a cleanse-tone-moisturize regime in the weeks leading up to the wedding. You might want to stay make-up free the day before, to give your skin a chance to breathe.
• Dramatic eyes. Bold eyeliner and a smokey eye draw attention and have great impact — but it’s lightened with a bright silver-grey highlight.
• Neutral lips. The eyes are the focus in this look.
To achieve this look, you need to begin with great skin. Make sure you stay well hydrated in the week leading up to your wedding!
Exfoliate well, and then moisturize. Apply a primer, to help keep your make-up looking great all day, and then work in a gentle foundation. There is some minimal use of bronzer and blush to help lift the cheekbones.
Then start on the eyes. Apply a layer of grey-blue, and a darker shade of grey in the crease. Blend well. Add a light silver grey to your eyelid.
A clean thick line with the eyeliner is key to this look. Draw the outside edge of the line first, and then fill in the shape. Finish with a good quality mascara, or false eyelashes for maximum impact.
Use a nude or pink lipstick to finish.

Make-up look two: the vintage beauty


The screen sirens of the 50s and 60s created a gold standard for glamour. Your wedding day should absolutely have you looking at your most glamourous — and you can’t go wrong channeling those pin-up beauties of old.
The key things to this bridal look:
• Attention to detail. This is a high-impact look, so every detail needs to be taken care of.
• Red lipstick. It’s sexy, it’s glamourous, and yes, you absolutely can rock red lips on your wedding day.
• Accessorize, darling. Yes, those diamond ear-rings are absolutely part of the look.
Start off with your skin, which should be clean and well moisturized. Apply a good foundation, but stay away from the bronzer — this look is better for people with pale complexions.
Apply a smokey eyeshadow and blend. A smudge of eyeliner will help create definition. Brush through mascara, making sure to avoid any lumps. You will want a couple of coats.
Finish with a red lip-stick. You can go for bright scarlet if it works for you, or choose something a little darker or lighter for similar impact but without such a harsh look. Make sure you keep the edges of your lips nice and clean.

Make-up look three: Dramatic beauty


If you have darker skin you can experiment with some fantastic and dramatic colors (though don’t feel like you can’t rock the classic and vintage looks — you totally can!). One dramatic look is shown here, and uses a pale silver-blue eyeshadow and blended pinkish-red lipstick.

The key things to this bridal look:

• Dramatic eye-shadow. This look really stands out thanks to the high-contrast eyeshadow used. You can match this look to your wedding colors very easily — just work in some smokey red, or a touch of yellow. The key to making this work is to blend and blend and blend!
• Blended lips. The use of lipstick, lip-liner and some glass creates a high-impact lip. To avoid the lips taking over the face, make sure you blend well.
To achieve this look, start, as always, with the skin. Exfoliate well, and then moisturize. Apply a good foundation, and use blush if desired to define the cheekbones.
Start with the lightest shade of your eyeshadow and cover the whole area of your eyelid and below the eyebrow. Then use darker shades, building in color above the crease, across your main eyelid and a small amount below your eye. Blend it well, and dust with shimmer.
Draw a line with an eyeliner across your lash line and then below your eye inside your lash line. Finish with mascara or false eyelashes to add volume.
Use a lipstick a couple of shadow lighter than your natural lip color and then overlay with your favorite deep pink. Blend, and then add lip liner to outline your lips. Blend the line in so it looks natural.

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How to Dress for a Semi Formal Event

Semi-formal events can strike fear into many women’s hearts. What do you wear? How are you expected to look? With truly formal events, you can go all-out ball gown glamour. But, when it comes to an event that is deemed as a semi-formal, knowing the right protocols can be problematic.

But, this doesn’t have to be a painful endeavour. On the contrary, you can dress to impress, once you know how.

A | B | C | D

Tips and Hints on How to Dress For a Semi-Formal Event

Whether you are attending a semi-formal work function or you are a guest at a wedding, the first thing that you should do is check the invitation. The invitation will usually tell you what is expected in the form of a dress code. Of course, if the invitation lacks further insight, you may feel that you are unsure as to what to wear.

this dress

For women, it can vary wildly on what you are supposed to wear. Of course, you wouldn’t wear a tea dress or something that is casual. You would be expected to seek out a dress and heels. This is because a semi-formal event will have some cultural expectations.

Hem Length

Choosing the appropriately lengthen dress for a semi-formal occasion can be difficult. There are no ‘rules’ on how you should dress, but there are expectations. You should always keep the hem length of your dress below the knee. This is the correct etiquette. You wouldn’t be expected to flash the flesh. So, if you choose a cocktail dress that comes below the knee, you would expect to wear a higher neckline. Of course, if you choose to go for a long length or dressy maxi style, you could bear a little chest. Do avoid plunging necklines, however, as this is not what would be expected at a semi formal party.

dress | ring | necklace

Patterns, Fabrics and Designs

Of course, opting to go for a longer length dress doesn’t mean that you have to forgo style. Rather, you can look the belle of the ball without having to compromise your own look. Opt for luxurious fabrics, such as silk and satin. You can also go for chiffon too. These are elegant and look fabulous. What is more, they flatter all kinds of body shapes. You should strive to wear something that fits in with the overall theme of the event. So, if you are heading to a black tie party, opt for blacks, greys and silver tones. This will look sophisticated and ensure that you are dressing appropriately for the event. For weddings, you may want to incorporate the bridal party’s colour theme. Of course, you may choose to wear accessories that compliment colour tone as opposed to going all-out.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

A floor length ball gown would be considered a little too formal for this kind of event. But, a dressy maxi dress can look semi-formal. If you do choose to go for a long length dress, opt for chiffon when it comes to fabric. This will not look too formal but will ensure that you are suitably dressed for the occasion.

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British Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

British weddings are steeped in a historical tradition. Of course, for the contemporary bride, some of the older traditions are left behind. But, they still crave adding those unique traditional touches to their big day.

Dress | Gloves | Shoes | Shawl

Many of the traditions are ones that brides want to incorporate. After all, could you imagine getting married in anything but a big white dress? When it comes to matters of getting married, there are some traditions and etiquettes that are still used today.


Typically, in the UK, a man will propose to his wife-to-be on bended knee. There are some spectacular ways that he will do this. Of course, each couple is different, and there are no hard and fast rules to proposing. A groom will usually as the father of the bride for her hand in marriage before he does so. Then, he will pop the question and present to her a diamond ring. Of course, engagement ring styles have changed in accordance with fashion and trends. Yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold are the usual favourites. While this may change to reflect the fashions and trends of the time, the diamond has always remained a mainstay. After this, some couples choose to celebrate with a lavish engagement party. This is in accordance with British wedding traditions.

Planning the Big Day

The planning of a wedding can take years. Usually, a couple will spend two years planning their dream day. But, while this is traditional, many happy couples may be engaged for longer or shorter.

Wedding Dress | Bridesmaid Dress | Flower Girl | Mother Of The Bride

With the big day approaching, many couples will be keen to incorporate traditional elements into their wedding day.

Traditionally, the father of the bride will pay for the wedding. Of course, this is a tradition and not one that is observed as readily in 2014. Now, both parents are happy to pay for the nuptials. Many betrothed couples are eager to have a summer wedding. In the UK, summers can be warm, pleasant and bring out the best of their wedding photos. July to September is considered to be the ‘wedding season’ within Britain.

The Wedding Day

A typical, traditional British wedding will have certain expectations. As a rule, the groom will not see his bride to be until the ceremony. They will spend the night before their wedding apart. The bride will then meet the groom at their chosen wedding venue. It is the tradition for the bride to be fashionably late.

this dress

Once the beautiful vows have been exchanged, many happy couples will celebrate with their wedding guests in the form of a wedding breakfast. This is traditionally a lavish three-course meal accompanied with lashings of champagne. Of course, no one is expected to drink too much during the day. While all this is going on, the meal will be intercepted with speeches. Traditionally, the most hotly anticipated speech is courtesy of the best man. In accordance with tradition he will often give a rousing, yet hilarious speech. There is a lot of pressure for the best man to perform! Of course, the father of the bride will also give a speech. Typically, this will reduce the congregation tears.

Gifts in terms of money and household goods are given. This is so that the newlyweds can enjoy their new life together. The celebratory parties will often go into the small hours of the next day.

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Winter Wedding Ideas

Not everyone dreams of a summer wedding. In fact, many brides and grooms are keen to say their “I do’s” in the midst of winter. What could be more magical than a crisp chill in the air and a light dusting of snow on the ground? Winter weddings are perfect for those that consider themselves to be the ultimate romantic. The dark nights are perfect for those that want to shroud their big day in mysticism. There is nothing more truly romantic than saying your vows in the height of winter.


But, for many happy couples, planning a winter wedding can be difficult. After all, weddings seem to be geared around summer brides. You don’t have to worry about planning your winter wedding day; there are some great tips that you can use.

Tips for Planning Your Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding does not have to be a difficult task. On the contrary, this is the time to go wild with wintry wonderland inspiration. If you are keen to have fairytale day that is akin to Frozen, book out a country manor hall. The grounds and gardens of any county manor house will look fantastic in the wintry wonderland. With delicate frost on the grass and an astonishing array of winter flowers, this will ensure that your photographs look nothing short of stunning.

You can also tie in the winter theme into your wedding. You can use baubles as place settings and use whites, creams and greys as your colour theme. This is a great way of tying in the key colours of the season and ensuring that your wedding looks sophisticated. After all, bright jewel tones are great for summer weddings. But, for the ultimate winter wedding, a neutral base is the epitome of chic.

Choosing the Ultimate Winter Wedding Dress

mermaid wedding dress
A | B | C | D

Many brides want to look radiant on their big day. Who doesn’t want to hear how stunning they look? When it comes to winter weddings, the key is to cover up during the day. Of course, when the reception comes, you can dare to bare a little more. While strapless dresses remain the key style for winter weddings, you need to consider the weather too. Opt for a bolero style shrug to keep the icy temperatures at bay. You can go for a faux fur option if you want to look the embodiment of a snow queen on your big day.

Many brides choose to go for longer style dresses too. Covering your legs is a must during a winter ceremony. Opt for lashings of lace or simple silk fabrics to ensure that you look every inch the winter bride.

wedding dress
Dress | Shawl | Glove | Clutch

Some of the more bohemian style wedding dresses come adorned with floating sleeves and lace insets. This is the perfect way to combat the weather and still look fabulous. Think Kate Middleton, and you’re on the right lines.

A simple off-the-shoulder lace dress can look positively enchanting. With a long hemline and a delicate adornment of crystals, an off the shoulder look is perfect for a winter bride.

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How to Dress Up Like A Celebrity

When it comes to dressing like a celebrity, everyone wants a piece of the action. We see so many gorgeous, glamorous women on the red carpet, and we are all keen to emulate their incredible style. But, for many of us mere mortals, coveting that marvelous style can be difficult.


One of the hottest stars in question, Jennifer Lawrence, debuted a fabulous dress at her recent premiere. At the premiere of the Hunger Games latest movie, she wore a daring plunge dress. The white affair was adorned with a slight slit around the bust area. This was finished with a beautiful array of silver fasteners. The chic outfit was not only daring, but entirely sophisticated too. Teamed with a killer up-do and smoky eyes, the actress looked every inch the Hollywood star. Jennifer used a neutral base for her face, making her look very youthful. But, with lashings of black eye shadow and a cool flick of kohl, she pulled the entire outfit off with aplomb.

dress collection
Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3 | Dress 4

Of course, not many of us have the incredible curves and dress sense of Jennifer Lawrence. Many of us would not dare be so brave by wearing something so revealing. But many of us are keen to dress like celebrities and use fashion to our advantage. You don’t have to worry about going for the plunge; you can find a killer outfit that makes you look every inch the Hollywood starlet.

Tips for Dressing like a Celebrity

When it comes to dressing like a celebrity, the key is to keep your neckline daring and your hemline long. Should you pour through any of the glossy magazines, you will find that a lot of female celebrities dare to bare. But, they only bare their chest.

green dress
green dress | shoes | bracelet

One of the most famous Hollywood style rules is that if you are flashing the chest, you need to keep your legs covered. So, if you are keen to copycat that much loved Hollywood look, the key is to keep your dresses long.

There is an incredible array of maxi-dresses that you can wear to copy this look. Dressing like a celebrity means ditching the well-worn summer maxi dresses. On the contrary, you should go for something with sequined embellishments. Keep it the dress long to the floor but make sure that the waist is nipped in to show off your incredible curves.

Once you have found the perfect long line dress, opt for some embellishment on the chest or hem of the dress. Many celebrities go for sequins, jewels or lace. Opt for minimalist detailing that emphasises the overall look of the dress as opposed to going all out jewels. After all, you want to keep this look sophisticated. You don’t want to look like an extra from Strictly Come Dancing.

mermaid dress
mermaid dress

When it comes to colors, you can go wild with inspiration. Jewel tones are highly popular. Mustards, flashes of orange and turquoise look fabulous. But, if your overall style is a little more low key, opt for silvery grey tones and blacks. These are perfect all year round.

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