5 Hottest Wedding Dresses Style Trends for 2018

Looking for a knockout wedding dress? Maybe you are thinking, it’s all white, what’s the big deal? If you look the intricacies of the designs carefully, you’ll find a big difference.
Inspect designer pieces and you will find stupendous detail in the art, elegant and beautiful. The wedding is the most important milestone of any woman’s life and the bride will want to look remarkable.

Maybe you are nervous, a bit finicky on choosing your wedding dress. To help you out, below are 5 of the hottest 2018 wedding dresses trends.

Ball Gown with Black Accent


White ball gowns are very common, but a white gown with a black accent brings in something more – charming. A perfect combination showcasing the ability of the designer to give a sophisticated look.

These gowns are known for their intricate patterns. The frills on the bodice give power and vibrancy. The black ostrich feather ball gown and the white ostrich feather gown with a black lace on the bodice are some of the new innovative styles that have dazzled the audience. If you’re planning to wear something trendy and unique, you might consider this style.

Cascading Ruffles

Out-door Wedding Dress

Cascading ruffles all over the gown give a more feminine and luxurious look. Fitted with ruffled bows and feathers style, the beaded silver threadwork and pearl embroidery elevate the silhouette. A black lace wrapped around the waist of the gown will highlight it even more. Follow this style if you like ruffles in your dress. You can also find trumpet gowns with ruffles at the bottom.

Sheer Corsets

Tulle Wedding Dress

The Sheer Corset style is a fabulous trendy style. It is appreciated and endeared by most brides because the corset enhances the narrowest part of your body. A corset top and a sheer skirt will give you a completely coquettish look. Our collection is a true blend of this style. Off-the-shoulder slinky gowns inspired with curve-skimming curves is a perfect wedding dress.

Pearl Embellishments

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Another hot wedding dress style is the pearl embellishment. You can find a wider collection of beautiful gowns showcasing the beaded crystals and pearls. A gown with a pearl embroidered V-neck looks even more extravagant. The Pear Embellishments Style is best suited for you if you are not comfortable wearing Sheer Corset Style dresses.

Hues of Blue

Try several shades of blue in your wedding gown. White lace embellishments on a subtle blue will give you a royal look. You will look even more sensual if the floral embellishments are on diaphanous gown.

Weddings happen once in a lifetime. At least, let’s hope so. You would want to look fabulous on your wedding day. Turn eyes with these latest ball gowns – one for the reception and one for your walk down the aisle. Choose one of the above and you might remember your gown more than you wedding – much later when you travel down memory lane!